NCBA President Craig Uden On Value of Recent Convention

By Patrick Cavanaugh, American Cattle News

Craig Uden is the incoming president of the Denver-based National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, as well as being a cattleman in the central Nebraska area. He noted that the recent National Cattleman’s Beef Association convention creates opportunities for his own operation and others.

“My partners and I always came so we could learn what the issues where, what the challenges were,” he said

Craig Uden, NCBA President

Craig Uden, NCBA President

“We need to all understand the industry as a whole as I’m a gate-to-plate thinker, so there’s a lot of people that are involved in their industry in whatever production segment, processing segment, and also the retail segment,” said Uden.

“We’ve put it all together, and people get to see that bit picture of what the industry looks like from gate-to-plate, and that’s really valuable for them to take home and see how they fit into the operations and see how they can plug in and improve their situation at home and get through these challenging times,” Uden said.

And the gate-to-plate idea makes sense because beef starts at the fence gate all the way to the consumer’s plate.

“You have the seed-stock producers, you have the genetics, all the way to the cow/ calf, the stocker operators that runs these cattle in the summer, and then the feeding sector and up through the packer, the wholesales, retailer, and as we move forward, the consumer,” said Uden. “The consumer is who we’re trying to satisfy.”

Uden shared with American Cattle News aspects of his operation in Nebraska. “I’ve got three cow calf operations. One is in partnership with a long-time friend, and then my wife and I run a couple other cow herds, so I’m a gate-to-plate thinker. I also own feed lots,” he said.

“I have moved out of the day-to-day. I’ve got a good team at home that help me out a lot and really appreciate what they do, so that allows me to go out and be an advocate for the beef industry and consequently, that’s been real rewarding.

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