Oklahoma Cattlemen Deliver Message

The President of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association (OCA), Charlie Swanson delivered 480 petitions today to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture to begin the process of planning a state referendum vote for a Oklahoma state beef checkoff.

The petitions represent more than 5,150 signatures by beef cattle ranchers and farmers calling for the opportunity to vote on creating a state based beef checkoff.

Oklahoma state law requires that a successful petition be signed by 10% of beef cattle ranchers and farmers. According to the most recent National Agriculture Statistics Service survey done in 2012, that number in Oklahoma is approximately 51,000 beef cattle farmers and ranchers.

The next step in the process is for the Secretary of Agriculture to schedule a public hearing to consider the petition. The additional revenue generated by the checkoff will help promote beef to consumers and nutrition advisors.

“Now more than ever, cattle producers must band together to promote beef. Our consumers want to know more information about beef and how we raise it. We have a great story to tell and we need to tell them,” said Charlie Swanson, OCA President. Additionally, the checkoff can support promotion of US beef in foreign markets.

“Thanks to President Trump, US beef will be back in China in mid-July. We need to fund promotion and advertising strategies there to make sure they know how great our beef is,” Swanson added.

The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association is the trusted voice of the Oklahoma cattle industry and exists to support and defend the state and nation’s beef cattle industry.

The OCA officers, board of directors and membership encourages you to join us in our advocacy efforts to ensure less government intervention, lower taxes and a better bottom line. For more information about OCA membership or activities visit http://www.okcattlemen.org.

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