“A Lot Of Opportunities For Us”

As cattle herds grow, all export markets – particularly China – are important. Colin Woodall serves as the chief lobbyist on Capitol Hill for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). He leads the Washington, D.C. office in developing strategies to dcensure that the cattle industry’s voice is being heard by policy makers.

He tells American Cattle News there are a lot of opportunities for the U.S. Cattle industry but it will all depend on moving product that sits here in the United States.


LFP Triggered in South Dakota Counties

pic6This year’s drought has prompted the federal government to trigger the USDA Livestock Forage Program for several counties in South Dakota. Deb Ducheneaux, Dewey County Farm Service Agency Director tells us more on American Cattle News:

Emergency Grazing Lands OK’d in Dakotas and Montana

Pastures are in such bad shape in the Dakotas and Montana that USDA is opening up Conservation Reserve lands to emergency grazing. Recent pasture condition ratings were Grazinglooking very bad according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey.

“North Dakota tops in the nation – 54% of the pasture and range rated very poor to poor,” he said. “Right behind is South Dakota at 49% and then coming on is Montana – up to 26%.”

Some producers are already having to cull herds according to Ag. Secretary Sonny Perdue. He says opening up CRP grazing will at least help some of those cattle producers.

Recognizing Land Stewardship

Wyoming Stock Growers Association’s (WSGA) Environmental Stewardship Award Leopoldrecognized Pete & Ethel Garrett of Garrett Ranch in Casper, Wyoming. The Leopold Conservation Award touts extraordinary achievement in voluntary conservation.

The Garret Ranch was established in 1937. Through the years, the Garrett family made improvements to rangeland health and repaired creeks and other waterways. WSGA’s Haley Lockwood tells us more in this American Cattle News radio segment.

Industry Needs The President’s Decision on Several Big Topics

donald_trump_august_19_2015_croppedColin Woodall is Vice President of Government Affairs for the National Cattleman’s Beef Association. He noted some big things that the cattle industry needs from the executive branch of the government.

First up is turning off that Waters of the USA rule.

“The Waters Rule actually is looking really good. The process is already in place to unwind that rule, and prevent it from going into effect.,” Woodall said. “That is a huge relief for all of us in agriculture, to be able to take that burden away, and allow us to focus on other things.”
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Perdue: USDA Halting Import of Fresh Brazilian Beef

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue this week announced the suspension of all sonnyperdueimports of fresh beef from Brazil because of recurring concerns about the safety of the products intended for the American market.

The suspension of shipments will remain in place until the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture takes corrective action which the USDA finds satisfactory. Continue reading

Re-Opening China is a Big Deal

“Re-opening China is a big deal,” noted Colin Woodall, Vice President of Government Colin-WoodallAffairs for NCBA in Washington and leads the Washington office in developing strategies to ensure that the cattle industry’s voice is being heard by policy makers.

“To be able to re-open a market that’s been closed for us for almost 14 years, I think, says a lot about our ability to just stay focused and keep the pressure on,” Woodall said.

Of course, the US beef producers want to send it to China, but China really wants it for their country’s consumers “They are. We know that this is something they’ve been waiting for as well,” said Woodall.

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