Funds Help Texas Ranchers Impacted By Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has put a lot of water in southern Texas, including cattle country. The storm hit fast and some cattlemen were caught off guard. One way assistance is being STARprovided is through the Texas Department of Agriculture’s STAR fund.

Commissioner Sid Miller spoke to American Cattle News about the program and how anyone can help donate.

California Regulators and Operators Meet

The California Public Lands Council recently held a workshop in Susanville to collaborate with the California Cattlemen’s Association. LandsCouncil

A wide variety of issues were discussed including wild horse and gray wolf management.

Kirk Wilbur, California Cattlemen’s Association director of government affairs, tells us more on American Cattle News

U.S. Beef is Here to Stay

Brett Crosby is a fifth generation cattle rancher. He’s also president and co-owner of Custom Ag Solutions (CAS), a company that works with government agencies, universities, and private enterprise on competitive-bid contracts, partnerships, and grants.cowHead

“We have the right conditions, we have the right economic climate, we have the right environment to produce high quality beef,” He tells American Cattle News that the U.S. beef industry is here to stay.

“Absolutely, we produce some of the best corn fed beef in the world…when people are looking for high quality grain fed beef, the U.S is where they’ll go.”


Young Farmers Awarded Scholarships

The Kansas Cattlemen’s Association awarded $1,550 in scholarships to five students furthering their educations at Kansas State University and Fort Hays State University. The awards were determined by the KCA Board of Directors, and all of the scholarships were accepted by the recipients. The recipients were Quentin Haas of Madison, Derek Pfeifer of Ellis, Sam Davis of Madison, Jacee (Owens) Rietbrock of Minneapolis, and Chelsey Bieberle of Bushton.

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Beef’s Slow Boat To China

The U.S. Cattle industry is not surprised by the slow pace of implementing beef exports to Colin-WoodallChina.

“A lot of this is just going to be about trying to develop this market and market our product, build the demand, and then get the supply over there,” says Colin Woodall, VP of Government Affairs with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. He gave listeners an update on American Cattle News:

R-Calf: Vertical Integration Puts Packers in Control

Vertical integration kills competition. That’s according to Bill Bullard, the head of R-CALF USA, a national, non-profit organization, with members consisting primarily of cow-calf operators, cattle backgrounders, and feedlot owners.Rcalf

Bullard says vertical integration helps the meat packers but not cattle producers, something the industry is “vehemently supporting.” Listen to his comments here:

Farm Program Chief “Grew Up” With Agency

“I have seen a lot of changes – I’ve kind of grown up with the agency,” says FSA’s Patty Taylor, Farm Program Chief in Nashville.

USDATaylor has worked for the Farm Service Agency for the last 37 years. She says it’s an important job to make sure the cattle industry has the resources it needs to get through those bumpy times.

Listen to her comments on American Cattle News:

New Mexico Cattle Growers Facing Environmentalists

The New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association was established in 1914 to assist livestock producers in the State of New Mexico. Since that time, the Association has members in all 33 of New Mexico’s Counties as well as some 19 other states.NM

President-elect Tom Sidwell says cattle growers face many challenges when trying to make a living, including  dealing with environmentalists. He joined us on American Cattle News to discuss.