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American Cattle News with Patrick Cavanaugh and Bill Baker


An award-winning, well-respected and passionate journalist with a career focused solely on California agriculture, Patrick Cavanaugh presently reports on radio, print, video and web. Cavanaugh earned a B.S. in agriculture production from the University of Florida, Gainesville, and farmed table grapes in Casa Grande, Arizona for three years.

Co-founder, co-owner and editor of the widely circulated Pacific Nut Producer (established 1994), Cavanaugh covers tree nut industry in the West. Cavanaugh is also co-founder and editor of Vegetables West magazine (established 1996), which covers the vast vegetable industry in California.

He is also Co-founder and farm news director of California Ag Today (2014), a radio network reporting on 22 radio stations throughout California.


He along with Bill Baker of Bend, Oregon, launched the American Cattle News Radio Network in January 2017 after realizing that the cattle industry did not have a national voice on the airwaves.

Baker began his radio career on May 18th, 1980 – the day Mount St. Helens blew. From then he has worked as a news reporter and anchor on several northwest radio stations, winning awards in both Oregon and Washington state for his work as a broadcaster.

Baker also hosts a 5-minute radio program for dairy producers – Dairy Radio Now launched on more than 30 radio stations in 15 states in September 2017.
Dairy Radio Now website.

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